Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Voluntary participation: Participation in community investments is entirely voluntary. Investors independently decide whether they want to participate and in which projects they want to invest.

  2. Investment risk: By participating in community investments, investors acknowledge and accept that there is an inherent level of risk. Investment outcomes may vary, and the attainment of financial benefits is not guaranteed.

  3. Investment decisions: Investment decisions are made collectively, usually through a voting process among the investors. Established procedures by the community investment company will be followed to ensure transparency and equitable investor participation.

  4. Use of funds: Funds contributed by investors will be used to finance specific projects within the community. Reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that funds are allocated as agreed upon, and investors will be informed of the progress and outcomes of the funded projects.

  5. Return on investment: The timeframe and return on investment may vary depending on the project and specific circumstances. Clear and transparent information on the expectations of investment returns will be provided before investors make their participation.